Ditching Plastic: Eco-Friendly Alternatives for a Sustainable Future

What are good alternatives to plastic

Plastic poses a danger to humans and their environment. If it is possible to recycle it, this material remains present in nanoparticles in nature. Recycling, however, remains a solution that can limit the damage.

Plastic being dangerous, the ideal would be to reduce its daily consumption. To achieve this, we must adopt sustainable alternative solutions. Here are a few!

In the kitchen

Reducing plastic consumption starts at home and mainly in the kitchen. You can store food in jars or glass containers. Glass boxes are durable and do not interact with food. They do not stain.

They can easily be put in the freezer, in the oven and in the microwave. Glass is healthy, recyclable and poses no danger. Rather than consuming bottled water, it is possible to use a personalized cup to drink tap water. The taste of chlorine in this water repels, but it is possible to solve this problem.

We recommend adding a few ceramic beads to the liquid to degas the chlorine. Pearls are biodegradable and 100% natural. Their presence in the water improves its quality and flavor. Avoid disposable dishes such as cups and plates.

Opt for biodegradable tea bags. To replace stretch film and aluminum foil, you can opt for “bee wraps”. These are fabrics coated with beeswax. This packaging is reusable, very practical and ecological.

During shopping and outside

For shopping, it is safer to use cloth or paper bags. These can be organic linen or cotton bags. These reusable wraps are sturdy and natural. Their carbon footprint is lower. Their maintenance is also easy, as they can be washed in the washing machine.

Rather than buying processed foods and frozen foods, it is recommended to favor bulk purchases. This type of purchase consists of transporting foodstuffs in jars, cloth bags or any other ecological and reusable packaging.

To hydrate outside, we suggest carrying a stainless steel water bottle containing the drink. Stainless steel is very trendy, hygienic, robust, inexpensive and recyclable.

According to recycling experts at Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Center, to limit disposable dishes, you can take your meals in practical boxes with stainless steel cutlery. We recommend using glass or stainless steel straws. You should avoid eating chewing gum due to its packaging and composition.

It is recommended to buy products or boxes in paper or wooden packaging. Buy your coffee from vendors who use biodegradable packaging like bamboo!

in the bathroom

Limiting the use of plastic must be done in the bathroom too. To achieve this, we recommend using a bamboo toothbrush. This accessory is natural and compostable. It is more ecological than the classic toothbrush. It is recommended to replace your plastic toothpaste with organic.

Organic toothpaste has a composition that is safe for humans. The manufacturers of the products package them in natural packaging. Some tubes are reusable. There are products packaged in metal boxes. We use plastic cosmetics on a daily basis. The ideal would be to turn to items in biodegradable packaging.

The other habit to change is the use of plastic cotton swabs which are polluting. Instead, opt for wooden cotton swabs or bamboo ear picks. They are reusable at will as long as they do not break.