• Arrange Collection
    Contact a local Registered Collector for large quantities of materials

Alberta’s used oil management program will transfer to Alberta Recycling on October 1, 2018. Find out more.

The Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA) facilitates the responsible collection and recycling of used oil materials. It collects funds from companies that sell or import lubricating oil (e.g., automotive oil), oil filters, and oil containers into the Alberta market and uses that funding to incent recycling opportunities across the province. The incentives encourage other Alberta businesses to collect and recycle the used oil materials. Albertans with small quantities of materials (e.g., 20 litres of oil; 20 oil filters) are able to drop-off their materials for collection and recycling at more than 210 locations across the province. Albertans with larger quantities of materials (e.g., more than 20 litres of used oil; more than 20 oil filters) should contact a local Registered Collector to arrange collection.