Alberta Used Oil Management Association

95,370,836 litres of used oil were recovered in 2015, a recovery rate of 85.5% of used oil available for recycling. Since program inception in 1997, 1,441,946,933 litres have been recycled and reused.

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8,105,108 used oil filters were recycled in 2015, a recovery rate of 86.5%. Since 1997, 123,493,402 filters have been recovered and turned into useful products.

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2,274,015 kg of used oil containers were collected and recycled in 2015, 90.3% of containers available for recycling. Since 1997, 30,094,207 kg of have been recycled into useful products.

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During Summer 2015, Mr. Oil Drop and our Recycling Ambassadors participated in 25 community events from May to August throughout Alberta promoting the importance of used oil materials recycling.

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What is a Collector?

Registered Collectors

Large agricultural operations, industrial and institutional organizations are large generators with drums of used oil, bags of filters and containers. Large generators can contact any of AUOMA’s registered collectors, private-sector businesses authorized to pick-up used oil materials at source and transport it to government-approved processors/end users.

Return Incentives

Return Incentive (RI) provides registered collectors with an economic incentive to maximize the collection of used oil materials throughout Alberta. The province is divided into six (6) zones. Through the RI Freight Equalized payment, collectors are compensated based on volumes delivered and the region in which the used oil material was picked up.

Becoming a Registered Collector

If your company is interested in becoming a registered collector, follow these two steps:

AUOMA will only process your application and approve your registration upon receipt of all the above mentioned items. Once approved, your company information will then appear on our website.

How much are the Return Incentive (RI) Rates?

The most current Return Incentive (RI) rates are just a click away, as is the provincial Zone breakdown.

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