Alberta Used Oil Management Association

95,370,836 litres of used oil were recovered in 2015, a recovery rate of 85.5% of used oil available for recycling. Since program inception in 1997, 1,441,946,933 litres have been recycled and reused.

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8,105,108 used oil filters were recycled in 2015, a recovery rate of 86.5%. Since 1997, 123,493,402 filters have been recovered and turned into useful products.

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2,274,015 kg of used oil containers were collected and recycled in 2015, 90.3% of containers available for recycling. Since 1997, 30,094,207 kg of have been recycled into useful products.

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During Summer 2015, Mr. Oil Drop and our Recycling Ambassadors participated in 25 community events from May to August throughout Alberta promoting the importance of used oil materials recycling.

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Recycling Centres

For Your Convenience

Alberta has a network of nearly 230 year-round recycling depots and EcoCentres throughout the province. These are convenient drop-off points for what we call small generators. A do-it-yourself mechanic, a farmer or small business may have small quantities of used oil, filters and plastic containers that can be easily transported to a nearby recycling depot. For the depot nearest you, click on the Interactive Map. Or call AUOMA’s toll free telephone number at 1-888-922-2298.

Drop Off Courtesies

As a courtesy to your nearest drop-off point or EcoCentre, please remember:

  • Not all locations accept all three materials (oil, filters, containers). What materials a facility will accept are indicated on the Interactive Map.
  • Call ahead first. Confirm with the facility:
    • if it is a free service.
    • the materials and amounts accepted.
    • the actual drop-off location, hours of operation, and availability of a drum pump if needed.
    • if the amount of your used oil material is too large for your local facility, contact a Registered Collector who can arrange to pick-up these materials directly from you.
  • Please return used oil materials only during the facility’s operating hours.
  • Ensure your used oil is not contaminated with such things as water, anti-freeze, paint or solvent.
  • For the recycling and disposal of household and other hazardous materials, please contact your local municipal office.
  • If you wish to become a drop-off location in Alberta please call AUOMA at 1-888-922-2298.

Helping Alberta Make Every Drop Count!