Recycle Your Materials

Alberta offers several options for individuals and companies looking for the most convenient opportunity to recycle their used oil materials, including used lubricating oil (e.g., automotive oil), oil filters, and oil containers.

Drop-off Locations

If you have small quantities of used oil (e.g., 20 litres), oil filters (e.g., 20 filters), or oil containers, your best option is to drop them off at one of Alberta’s nearly 230 recycling centres.

Alberta’s recycling centres include an assortment of public and privately-operated recycling depots, eco-centres, and collection points. These locations will accept small quantities of used oil materials and ensure they are recycled into useful, new products.

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Large-scale Collection

If you or your business have larger quantities of used oil, oil filters, or oil containers (e.g., more than the quantity allowed by your local collection site, which is often 20 litres of oil or 20 oil filters), please contact a local, registered collector to arrange collection. Working with a registered collector is a convenient and safe way to ensure that your used oil materials are kept out of Alberta’s landfills and waterways and recycled into useful, new materials.

Contact a registered collector

Be Prepared

The Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA) recommends that you always call your preferred drop-off location in advance to confirm:

  1. Its list of eligible materials (e.g., used oil, oil filters, and/or oil containers)
  2. Its hours of operations
  3. Whether it offers a free service
  4. The quantity of materials that it can accept
  5. The preferred on-site drop-off location

Helpful Tips

Please ensure:

  1. Your used lubricating oil (e.g., automotive oil) is not mixed with water, antifreeze, paint, solvent or other materials; these materials contaminate used oil and may prevent it from being recycled.
  2. You contact your municipality if you are looking for a location to drop-off any other household hazardous waste or recycling materials.