Letter to Collectors and Processors

December 15, 2017

RE: Updated Registered Collectors and Processors Manual

Dear Registered Collectors and Processors,

On November 21, I sent out a letter to introduce the program changes coming into effect on January 1, 2018. There is a new registration form, new Return Incentive rates (by zone), and new forms to submit claims based on processed weight.

To support you in implementing the changes, we updated the Manual for Registered Collectors and Processors. I am attaching it with this letter and posting it to the AUOMA website so that you can become familiar with it before the changes take effect in January.

To help you make sense of the changes, here is a summary of the new information in the manual:

  • Collectors and Processors will now use the same form to register with AUOMA. Some fields are specific to either Collectors or Processors. The manual provides guidance on completing the Collector and Processor Registration Form.
  • There is a new section to outline the specific roles and responsibilities of Registered Collectors, Registered Processors, and AUOMA.
  • The content was updated to describe the collection, processing, and claims process that supports paying out claims based on processed weight.
    • The role of Registered Collectors remains the same. Collectors will need to complete the new Collector Zone Summary Forms.
    • Registered processors must now process the used oil materials before submitting a claim. Used oil must be tested for water content.
  • New Collector Zone Summary Forms and Processor Return Incentive Claim Forms come into effect on January 1, 2018. The manual provides guidance on how to complete them.
  • AUOMA will no longer process any Processor Return Incentive Claim Form that is deemed incomplete. The manual provides guidelines and tips to ensure your claim form will be accepted.
  • AUOMA has updated and clarified the processing requirements for each type of used oil material. There is a new section to describe the acceptable standards and approved end uses. It also elaborates on water testing and maintenance of weight scales, gauges, and water testing apparatuses.
  • Because claims will now be paid on processed weight, Registered Processors do not have to submit monthly claims. However, Registered Processors must submit a separate claim for each month in which materials are processed. The payment guidelines and timelines have been updated.
  • The manual provides updated information about how to submit claim forms. The email address you should use to submit claims has changed. It is ABclaims@usedoilrecycling.ca.
  • Your record keeping and reporting responsibilities are described in one section within the manual. AUOMA may review the records or facilities of Registered Processors and/or Collectors at any time.

All other information about AUOMA and its work is available on the AUOMA website at usedoilrecyclingab.com.


Jodi Tomchyshyn London,
Executive Director, Alberta Used Oil Management Association

cc. Lee Wilkie, Chair, Alberta Used Oil Management Association
cc: Wendy Jeatt, Senior Program Analyst

Enclosure: Manual for Registered Collectors and Processors