Alberta Used Oil Management Association

95,370,836 litres of used oil were recovered in 2015, a recovery rate of 85.5% of used oil available for recycling. Since program inception in 1997, 1,441,946,933 litres have been recycled and reused.

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8,105,108 used oil filters were recycled in 2015, a recovery rate of 86.5%. Since 1997, 123,493,402 filters have been recovered and turned into useful products.

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2,274,015 kg of used oil containers were collected and recycled in 2015, 90.3% of containers available for recycling. Since 1997, 30,094,207 kg of have been recycled into useful products.

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During Summer 2015, Mr. Oil Drop and our Recycling Ambassadors participated in 25 community events from May to August throughout Alberta promoting the importance of used oil materials recycling.

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Our Origins

Make every drop count

Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA) is the not-for-profit Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO) established under the Lubricating Oil Material Recycling and Management Regulation (AR 82/1997) to manage a program to facilitate the responsible collection and recycling of used oil materials in Alberta.

AUOMA is also bound by the regulated Lubricating Oil Material Recycling and Management Bylaw (AR 227/2002) to administer a fund to encourage the recycling of used oil materials.

The Lubricating Oil Material Environmental Handling Charge Bylaw (AR 228/2002) sets the regulated environmental handling charges (EHCs) AUOMA collects from the first sellers and importers of lubricating oil materials as revenue for the recycling fund.

Our Components

To sustain our industry-led stewardship program, the components of of Alberta’s program include:

  • EHC Registrants are the wholesale suppliers/first sellers of lubricating oil, oil filters and plastic oil containers in Alberta.
  • Funding comes from an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) charged by the EHC Registrants on new lubricating oil, oil filters and oil containers. The EHC collected is remitted to AUOMA.
  • Return Incentives (RI) are paid by AUOMA from EHC revenues to registered collectors for picking up materials from collection facilities and major generators throughout Alberta. All materials are transported to approved processors and end users.
  • Collectors are private sector enterprises working throughout the province’s six zones collecting used oil materials. Collection coverage through Alberta is assured by Freight Equalized Zone Pricing for RI’s
  • Collection Points are a network of nearly 230 year-round facilities and EcoCentres available in the province. This makes recycling used oil materials convenient for do-it-yourself (DIY) mechanics, farm and commercial enterprises.
  • Collaboration is strong with members, the private sector recycling industry, collection facilities, all level of governments and the Used Oil Management Associations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, ManitobaQuébec,  New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Our Outcomes

  • Over 1.441 billion litres of used oil, 123.5 million oil filters and 30 million kilograms of plastic oil containers have been recovered and recycled since 1997. And volumes continue to grow. None of this material ends up in landfills and the oil is not used for oiling roads.
  • Used oil is recycled as oil base stock, reprocessed into other lubricating products, fuel for large industrial burners and asphalt plants.
  • All Used Oil Filters are processed at steel recycling mills.
  • Used plastic oil containers are pelletized or flaked for making new containers, plastic durable goods, impact posts, curbs and landscape ties.
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